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Starting from Scratch: Vacant Home Staging

Putting your house on the market is already a daunting task. Add a full move to another home, and you've got your hands (and probably a couple of U-hauls) full. The last thing you want on your mind is how to make your vacant home a top seller. Vacant homes are ok to list, but we have a few reasons it is worth hiring a professional to stage your vacant home.

Vacant homes show flaws

Knicks in the walls, scratches on the floor - no home is flawless. After all, the home has been lived in, and with living comes wear and tear. But just like wearing less clothing, a home is more exposed with less staging. When a buyer tours a vacant home, they're more likely to pick out what's wrong with the home than what is right. In the Staging Dallas project below, you can see why the staging was beneficial to the seller.

Rooms look smaller when vacant

The human eye, especially when viewing homes online, isn't very good about perceiving how large a space is without some way of scaling it. For instance, if you only saw the image below, you wouldn't be able to really tell how much furniture you can fit in this living area.

With staging, the space not only appears larger, but it gives the potential buyer an idea of how their existing furniture can be set up, making it more likely for them to request a showing.

Staging gives vacant rooms a purpose

Not all homes are created equal. Especially in the case of older homes, there are some rooms that don't have an explicit purpose if found vacant. Look at this oddly shaped room below. A home buyer may wonder what the purpose of it is, and if they're like most buyers, they aren't visual enough to imagine its purpose.

Staging Dallas staged this unusual space and turned it into a functional, unmistakable home office. Problem solved, purpose found.

Now that you've seen a few before staging (vacant homes) and after stagings, you can see what we mean when staging sells. Thinking about listing or re-listing your vacant home? Contact Staging Dallas today for a consultation.


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