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Staging Consultations are great for the Do-It-Yourselfer!  Staging Dallas will arrive at the home prepared to give a detailed overview of repair, update, packing and arranging recommendations. Staging Dallas walks the property with the homeowner from the front curb to the back gate making a list of recommended fixes to prepare the home for sale.  When Staging Dallas leaves, the homeowner has a comprehensive written "to do" list.  It is then up to the homeowner to decide what they are willing and able to complete.  This service is best done at least 2 weeks prior to photos, in order to allow time for project  completion. Prices start at $250 for homes up to 3000 square feet.  The consultation is often paired with the Owner Occupied Staging.  

Owner Occupied Staging services are for homes where the owner plans to remain in the home during the selling process.  We begin in the key areas of the home, addressing things like traffic flow, lighting, and  furniture arrangement.  The goal of owner occupied staging projects is to package the home so that it appeals to the appropriate demographic specifically, and a broad audience in general.  The process includes prepacking items that will not be used in the staging of the home, and tips for living in a staged home.  This service is best done just prior to professional photos.  Prices start at $250 for 3 hours,  $85 for each additional hour.  Staging enhancements are available to rent from our extensive inventory of artwork and accessories, if needed.  


Owner Occupied Staging
Vacant Home Staging

It is very difficult for buyers to visualize themselves in a vacant home.  Staging Dallas eliminates this problem by bringing in full furniture, artwork, and accessories that best complement the style and architecture of the home.  Each piece is carefully selected to draw a buyer in, and make them feel "at home".  Pricing for staging vacant homes varies greatly.   Please call to schedule a property preview in order for us to put together a comprehensive staging bid.  

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