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It's Never Too Late to Re-list (Before Staging vs. After Staging)

Is your home listing not budging months after putting it on the market? It happens -- maybe you listed your home prematurely before making those final touches, the photos didn't come out as well as they could have, or it could be possible that you were a little overly ambitious with the original asking price. Mistakes are part of the human condition and are always fantastic learning opportunities. So let's learn, move on, and re-list!

Re-listing is an excellent opportunity to improve your listing, put the property in front of the buyers that may have dismissed it the first time, and make your home more marketable, overall. Re-listing does come with risks, such as the assumption that something is wrong with the listing, so it's important to market it by offering full transparency.

A listing we recently staged had been through just that -- it was listed, didn't get much interest, and then the sellers decided to re-list. The common listing faux-pas they made were essentially poor photography/lighting and posting photos of a vacant home. While these are not detrimental miscalculations, they can make a difference in how the online viewer receives the home.

Check out the differences in the listing the first time and then after the re-list, with better photography and home staging by Staging Dallas!

Living Room

Before: The photo doesn't properly showcase the natural light, and it's difficult to tell the depth of the room

After: Better lighting and proportions of the staged furniture add dimension

Staging by Staging Dallas


Before: The photo is dark and pixelated, and all elements are monochrome

After: Better lighting and higher-definition photo, staged props add balance and perspective

Staging by Staging Dallas


Before: Odd camera angle, shadowy and bare

After: Repositioned angle, furniture and decor add color and assist in defining the room's size

Staging by Staging Dallas

Re-thinking your feelings about re-listing your home? Contact Staging Dallas today for a consultation!


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