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Magazine-Ready Home Staging

A picture-perfect result is always what we strive for -- and all homes we stage are beautiful in some regard. But, sometimes, some staging projects stand out above others. These projects are jaw-dropping results of the perfect combination of details from the owner's home merged with Staging Dallas inventory and expertise. Today, we're featuring one of our most recent home staging projects in Farmer's Branch that fits the bill. It's chic yet cozy, and sophisticated yet warm. Let's walk through this stunning home together!

Live and Work

As an open-concept home with light flooring and walls, it was essentially a blank canvas. We staged a dining area next to a dedicated work environment with our inventory and décor to prove this could be a multi-use space. Contrasting with the white birch floors and walls, raven-black furniture and elements helped tie these two areas together, while clearly showing they are separate spaces.

Black Brick

The home had two fireplaces, both painted a matte black by the owner. This undeniably bold statement drew major attention to both rooms and inspired nods of black around the rest of the home for cohesiveness and contrast.

Gold Touches Through-out

What goes better with black than gold? Gold not only elevates the home to exude luxury and taste, but it complements the dark by giving some of the dull matte colors a little glossiness. And keep in mind these were subtly and thoughtfully placed - a little gold goes a long way!

Gold decor for the living space

Gold hardware in the kitchen and bathroom

All photos are by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Ready for your Architectural Digest Moment? Look no further than Staging Dallas! Together, we can make your home magazine worthy (or at least good enough to be listed online!). Contact us today.


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