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Home (Staging) for the Holidays 2022

It's the most wonderful season of the year ...and the most inconvenient season to sell or buy a home. Your time during the holiday season is precious, and many people don't want to spend too much time putting their home on the market or shopping around for a new home. That means, that unlike other months of the year, you'll find that there are fewer "looky-loos" and more serious buyers. Less time wasted is always a good thing, and another way to save even more time is staging your home. We love holiday home staging and are here today to share a few key tips for putting your home on the market amid the festivities.

  • Evergreen photos: To kick off our holiday home staging expertise, we're going to start with a very, very important tip that doesn't involve decorations. Before you start decking the halls, have professional photos taken of your home. That way, if the house doesn’t sell, you don’t have to have photos redone.

  • Start with curb appeal: Apply a few tasteful, warm Christmas lights on the exterior along with seasonal flowers and plants. Make sure your yard is maintained by removing leaves or snow. Now is not the time to inflate the giant Santa -- keep it simple with a beautiful green wreath, instead. Use lights to highlight an outdoor living space, such as a gazebo, trees in the front yard, or a patio.

  • Make it cozy: Light that fireplace, fire up the candles (battery-operated is fine), and opt for lamp lighting instead of intense overhead or fluorescent lights. Lighting can make a difference in the buyers wanting to stay or go.

Staging by Staging Dallas / Photo by Lance Selgo (Unique Exposure Photography)

  • Smell like the season: Christmastime is filled with wonderful scents and a good smell can leave a positive impression on buyers. We recommend going the extra mile with a pot of apple cider with cinnamon sticks or other Christmas spices simmering on the stove, and maybe even baking some fresh cookies to share!

  • Less is more: We encourage Christmas trees and other holiday decor but don't go overboard. If you have stockings on the fireplace, make sure they are de-personalized. Those kids' Christmas crafts are priceless, but they should be stored away and out of sight during showings.

We hope these tips help you stage for the holidays, but if you want to ensure they say, "All I want for Christmas is... your home" then contact Staging Dallas today for a consultation!


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