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The Best of Staging Dallas: Home Offices

I'll wager to bet that unless you're an essential worker, you're likely working from home a bit more, if not full time now. How many of you had dedicated home offices prior to the pandemic? Home descriptions often don't include "home office" in the official promotion. Most of the time they are counted as a bedroom or bonus space, unless referred to as a "study." But now, with more people than ever working from home, the home office will, without a doubt, be more appealing to potential homebuyers. In fact, it's been said that with two adults working from home now indefinitely, people may be seeking not one, but two dedicated offices in their homes.

Staging Dallas, even prior to the global crisis, understands how people may live, work or desire their homes to look. That's why we've been staging home offices for years now. Carrying on with the "Best of Staging Dallas" series of blog posts, we're dedicating this post to home offices!

The Quirky Home Office

First, we're going to show two of our favorite staged home offices that used some of the same pieces to create different looks and feels. You'll notice the top office has pops of multi-colored pieces and a few more eccentric elements like the dog bookends and the ampersand symbol which adds playfulness and fun. The bottom office is a little more serious with a the use of dark colors, but the over-sized glasses on the desk lighten the mood. Both have plenty of greenery and beautifully staged shelves.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

The Corner (of the Room) Office

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Not every family can afford to have a dedicated room to house a home office. However, with efficient use of space, any room can hold a small desk and chair. With the right sizes and dimensions, you create a distraction-free place in your home to get work done!

The Unassuming Office

We featured this space in a previous blog post entitled, What's That Room Supposed to Be?. Given away by the title, this was an unusual room with awkward measurements - too small to be a living space or bedroom. The former owners enclosed their porch and used it as a dining space. But with the home located in an area favored by young professionals and likely described as a vague "bonus room" in the selling description, Staging Dallas saw this space as the perfect opportunity to sell it as a home office. With a perfect lighting and a great view of the backyard, who wouldn't want to work from here?

Times are changing, and so is the real estate market. Don't get left behind! Hire Staging Dallas to keep you up to date with trends and stage your home to sell. Contact us for more information or a consultation!

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