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Have Them at 'Hello': Staging an Entryway

As we transition from the dog days of summer into the frenzy of back-to-school, let's talk about another transitional element. Let's talk about the entryway. The entryway serves as a sort of threshold to a home; it greets you at the door and invites you in, hopefully warmly. It's a part of the home that isn't a main focal point, say, like the living room. However, that doesn't mean it should go un-staged.

In fact, it's the first feature of the home that future homebuyers see! You only get one first impression, and the entryway sets the stage for the entire home. Is it lively? Is it inviting? Is it tasteful? Can you imagine coming in after a long day and placing your keys down on the entry table while being welcomed by a dimly lit lamp and flickering, fragrant candle?

Staging Dallas takes entryways seriously, and you can tell that we are thoughtful in our approach in designing an entryway that both embraces the homebuyer with color, art and design, and adds a sense of practicality of what the home is capable of feeling like.

So, without further ado, we invite you to check out our inviting entryways that will have you at "hello."

Notice main elements incorporated in each of these entryway designs - the table, the art, the lamps, the greenery. All are the perfect introduction into what to expect in the overall design of the rest of the home.

So, let Staging Dallas design the perfect portal into your beautiful home. Contact us today for a consultation, partial or full staging!

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