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Help the Homebuyer: Make the Room's Purpose Clear

Anyone who has ever been on the hunt for a home knows how confusing it can be to walk into a room that doesn’t have a defined purpose. Is it a study? Mixed purpose? Laundry room? The house hunting process is already mentally exhausting, and quite frankly, a lot of buyers won’t make the effort to come up with their own vision for the space. So, one of two things will happen when approached with a room with an unclear purpose:

  1. Home buyers assume they don’t need the space or,

  2. it’s not the space/home that they are looking for.

Both of these things end with the same outcome – your house gets passed on and they’re on to the next. That’s why home staging in Dallas is so important!

Home Staging for Older Homes

Last year I staged a home (referenced on the post What is That Room Supposed to Be?) that was built in the 1930s. No one in the 1930s would have a home office included in the plan for obvious reasons, so this is where we had to get creative. Without the staging, the room seems awkward and a challenge to visualize its future.

Before Home Staging in Dallas

After the staging, the room has a clear, defined intention. It’s a home office!

After Home Staging in Dallas

Home Staging for New or Remodeled Homes

Open concept layouts are incredibly popular in today’s market. When the space is empty and the homebuyer is presented with a large, open space, it can be an obstacle to section the space in your mind. Where should the table go? What kind of couch would best suit the room?

After Home Staging in Dallas Open Concept

You can see how Staging Dallas utilized different furniture to craft living and dining areas in an open concept layout. The room now has a flow that wouldn’t have otherwise been obvious!

Hire Staging Dallas as your home staging professional to create a clear visualization for your future homebuyers. Not only will your home sell more quickly, but you’ll save the new residents a whole lot of energy on how to furnish their new home!

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