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The Psychology of Home Staging

Behind every successful strategy, there is usually science to back it up. As much as we want to say Staging Dallas to be absolute, unexplained magic, it’s no different. What is going on in the minds of home buyers when walking through a perfectly staged home opposed to one that is not staged or empty?

Perception of Space

Does an empty room show you the potential of the space? Many would say that a room looks larger without furniture, décor or window treatments. However, when house hunters walk through empty rooms, they don’t generally know how much furniture the room can hold, and often underestimate the space. Home stagers use the perfect amount and suitable size of furniture in a room to showcase the full potential.

Highlight the Good

Gorgeous fireplace? Tall windows with a view? Unique kitchen backsplash? Home staging will accent these home attributes with appropriate home décor. The home buyer won’t be able to leave the house without noticing these positive characteristics. It’s all about getting them to look where you want them to look.

We highlighted this Dallas home's tall windows by placing two accent chairs directly in front of them

Minimize the Not-so-good

With the good previously mentioned, not all homes are perfect. Although we don’t want to necessarily hide the negative aspects of the home, we certainly don’t want them to break a sale. Turning your clients head towards the positive and away from the negative will transform the way they see the home.

Reduce the Clutter

Staging Dallas is not about cleaning; it's about organizing and reducing the little knick-knacks and home items that clutter up a space. Clutter makes spaces seem smaller and more cramped – the opposite of what we’re going for! Plus, who doesn’t want to strive for a clutter-free home? (New Years resolution, anyone?)

Staging Dallas wants your home to show in the best light for potential homebuyers! Let us help you sell your house more quickly using these techniques – contact Staging Dallas today by dropping us a line on the contact form.

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