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The Versatile Living Room

The living room is likely the most popular and most important room to stage. Living rooms are a very large part of our lives, and the more inviting the living room is, the better the home is received. We have a ton of experience with staging living rooms in the Dallas area, and we're going to share some of our favorite projects.

Note that the same furniture will be used in different homes - one of the best perks about home staging is that not only do you not have to worry about moving furniture, but we also make sure our furniture is up to date and do all of the heavy lifting!

Mid-Century Magic

This living room had fantastic natural light coming from the windows, and we wanted to make sure to show it off. As you can see, different colors and textures were used to bring attention to how the light hits the furniture. With high ceilings, we were able to angle the furniture in an atypical position to give a more balanced feel to the room.

The Same, but Different

Notice any furniture repeats below? Similarly, with the home pictured above, this room had gorgeous, oversized windows that brought in the best lighting. The mid-century modern furniture looks put together and clean, but it also has a fun, playful feeling created by the artwork and bold throw pillows.

Updated and Unique

This home, built in the 60s, had a lot of interesting details that may have made the home seem out of date. The owners had already previously painted the entire room white, which brought it a step into the 21st century, but it needed furniture and artwork to give it a bigger boost. By using a combination of their existing furniture with ours, This living room has character but doesn't scream 1964.

Photos by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Whether you're looking to stage the living room or the entire home, Staging Dallas is here to help. Book a consultation today!


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