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The Most Affordable Way to Stage and Sell

There are two big misconceptions about home staging: 1) You have to spend a ton of money and 2) your home has to be completely vacant for it to be staged.

What if we told you there was a staging solution that is neither costly nor requires you to vacate your home?

We're excited to introduce you to Staging Dallas Photo Styling and Consultations!

You only have one chance to make a good impression, especially with online listings, which makes the listing photos incredibly important. We could go on and describe exactly what Photo Styling and Consultations are, but it's better presented visually with a few Before and After photos.

Before: Cluttered with existing owner's furniture and toys, poor quality photography

After: Styled to incorporate existing furniture, professional photography, improved lighting

Before: Dark, low-quality photography, mix-matched furniture

After: Improved lighting and photography, styled to look more cohesive

Before: Un-even balance of floor to wall ratio in the photo, very dark, too small of a rug for the space, and what room is used for is unclear After: Rearranged to be staged as a bedroom, higher quality photography, and improved lighting

Improve your listing without breaking the bank by using Staging Dallas for Photo Styling and Consultations. The proof is in the pictures! Contact Staging Dallas today to learn more.


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