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The Heavy-Lifting of Home Staging (Behind the Scenes of Staging Dallas)

One comment we often get from friends, clients, and family is: "Your job looks like so much fun!" And yes, it is a lot of fun. We absolutely love what we do and not one project is ever the same, which makes it interesting. However, with any successful job, a lot of hard work comes with it! As much as we wish that the furniture, decorations, and art magically appear at each home we stage, it just doesn't work that way. So today on the blog, we're giving you a quick behind-the-scenes of how Staging Dallas works.

Where is the inventory stored?

We store our large items, mostly furniture inventory, in several storage units. Smaller items like artwork, bedding, accessories, and lamps are stored In the home of Staging Dallas' founder, Amy. To keep inventory fresh, it needs to be accessible and top of mind, and having it at home makes that possible.

How are the items transported?

Getting the inventory from point A (storage) to point B (the home being staged) is transported via a box truck for vacant homes. Large vehicles could work for hybrid stagings that don't require a lot of our furniture inventory. A few strong Staging Dallas helpers are the ones that physically carry the items into the home.

How many people does it take to load and unload the items?

It generally takes about 2-3 people to take the items out of the truck and then load the truck back up after the home sells, depending on the amount of furniture to be moved.

How long does staging take?

If you hire Staging Dallas, you can expect the staging to take a full day from start to finish. Because we pay careful attention to detail, we frequently return the following day for final touch-ups. There's a reason we're one of the best in the business - we take our time so that your home is primed to sell.

So, are you ready for us to do all of the heavy-lifting for your home? Contact Staging Dallas today for a consultation or to schedule your staging in the Dallas area!


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