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Supply Chain Staging Solutions

The pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our lives, including home improvement projects. This summer, many companies are continuing to feel the lull of the supply chain, which trickles down to the consumer. This can be especially frustrating for people trying to sell their homes and make even the smallest updates to boost their ROI. Well, while we can't help move the supply chain along more quickly, we do have a few easy fixes to help you boost your ROI as soon as tomorrow.

Deep clean older appliances

Large kitchen appliances could be on backorder for months and months. We all know that upgrading your kitchen microwaves, ovens, stovetops and dishwashers can work wonders for that final asking price, but getting those existing appliances a thorough clean can make a huge difference as well!

Staging by Staging Dallas/Photo by Lance Selgo (Unique Exposure Photography)

Stand out with "vintage" details

Add some character and charm with retro items. Setting out a unique vase, trinket, glassware, or art piece will help you stand out from any other home on the market and will be sure to make a mark. Playing up your one-of-a-kind details like floor patterns or built-in shelves can keep your home top-of-mind on the house hunt! Plus, no "add to cart" or shipping needed. Parquet flooring and the details in the wood trim in the Dallas home below, staged by Staging Dallas, were unlike any other home in the neighborhood and helped make the sale.

Staging by Staging Dallas/Photo by Lance Selgo (Unique Exposure Photography)

Used, recycled, and natural elements

Going green is in, so showcase how you're helping the environment by using already exisiting materials. In the staging project below, we used a globe and books to stock the shelves. Plants and wooded details are also a great way to bring warmth to the home while also being kind to Mother Earth!

Staging by Staging Dallas/Photo by Lance Selgo (Unique Exposure Photography)

Don't let shipping delays get you down. Use these quick staging improvement tips to stand out and boost ROI, and call Staging Dallas for a comprehensive staging consultation!


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