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Realtors Respond to Home Staging

Staging Dallas works with Real Estate Agents all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area to assist home sellers in marketing their homes. We know how effective it is from doing it daily, but how do Real Estate Agents really feel about home staging? We found new stats from Homelight to help answer this question.

According to the survey of over 900 agents:

  • 67% of top agents say that home staging helps sellers get more money for their house at resale.

  • Over 50% say that staging increases a home’s value from 1%-10%.

92% of top agents find home staging beneficial for selling the property.

Staged by Staging Dallas / Photo by Lance Selgo (Unique Exposure Photography)

  • Over 21% of agents (the largest grouping) said staged homes sell 6% to 10% faster.

  • In general, 47% of real estate agents recommend staging vacant and occupied homes.

  • Over 41% of top agents find that vacant homes benefit the most from home staging, which brings personality and life to an empty property.

83% of agents say that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.

Before and after shots of a Staging Dallas project

  • 50% of sellers who pay for home staging spend less than $1,000.

  • About 75% of real estate agents have provided complimentary home staging services to their seller clients.

Staging Dallas values our relationships with Real Estate Agents. We have built successful partnerships on the home-selling front, which saves time for agents and sellers while increasing ROI year after year. Whether you're an individual or an agent, we'd love to have the chance to prove these statistics in person. Contact us today to schedule a meeting!

Source for statistics: Homelight


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