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No Imagination Necessary

Do you have the ability to rotate shapes or objects in your mind? That means you have great spatial visualization, which means you're able to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional figures.

Try it out with the test below.

The answer is D.

However, did you know that the average person is not great at spatial visualization? This can apply to have the ability to visualize spaces in houses, too. The typical homebuyer, when walking into an empty house, has a difficult time imagining the room with furniture in it. This is not good news for the home seller for a variety of reasons. But in reality, it's all just mind tricks!

They may think the room is smaller than it actually is

As mentioned, on average, humans are not too keen on being able to see a space and imagine what it can look like when furnished. This causes people to unfairly assume a room is small because there is nothing in the room to compare it to scale. In the before and after photos from a Staging Dallas project below, the top image, completely vacant, does put into question how it can be furnished because of the size. However, when staged, you can see how it looks larger, fitting all bedroom furniture and then some!

Flaws are more noticeable

Nick in the hardwood? Dent on the wall? When you're living in a house with furniture, these things are out of sight, out of mind. And frankly, they don't really matter as long as they're hidden. Taking all of the furniture and decor out of the space will expose flaws and could cause further and unnecessary negotiations with the potential homebuyer. After all, homes are for living in! They won't all be in flawless condition.

They can't see themselves living there

Touring a vacant house is really just touring a shell of a home. What makes a house a home is what you place inside of it. In the top photo, there's nothing too exciting about walking around an empty space, as beautiful as the house is. In the bottom photo, staged by Staging Dallas, a certain liveliness is excluded and will cause not just excitement, but attachment, to the home.

Don't make the homebuyer work harder than they need to! Leave the imagination to us. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about our projects.


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