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Memory Points: What Are They & How Do We Use Them?

Househunters view several homes before deciding to commit to one. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that the average home buyer searched for eight weeks and looked at nine homes, viewing five of these homes online. How do you make your home stand out in the Dallas area? What makes buyers remember your home among the others? Of course, there are structural details and characteristics. We've all seen "Fixer Upper" and how they give each home a cute nickname like "cozy cottage" or "the prickly pear house" to better remember distinguishing details about certain homes.

You do want them to remember structural or exterior qualities, but you also want them to develop emotional ties to details inside of the home. And that's where "memory points" come into play. Memory points can be everything from quirky decor to a coffee table book to flowers and plants.

Memory points do more than make people remember a home -- they spark a past memory or help them envision a future memory in the home. Here are some examples from Staging Dallas projects.

Sipping on Topo Chico in the kitchen:

Bathtime with Rubber Ducky:

Antique elements:

Coffee table cozy:

Perhaps, a future memory on the porch:

Photos by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

We take careful consideration into the buyers' market, the neighborhood, and the clientele that may be viewing the home to tailor each home staging experience. And with our wide variety of furniture and home decor to choose from, you can be sure you're getting the best in the business.

They say that the "devil is in the details" but we think the selling is in the details. Whether you're trying to create an emotional tie or bringing some levity to the heaviness that is home buying, home staging is always a good decision. Contact us today to help you out with memory points.


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