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Make it Pop: Using Color in Home Staging

The general rule of thumb for home staging and showing homes is to remove any personal touches and use natural, neutral colors. While those are tactics are helpful to showing potential homebuyers, it's also important to make the home stand out from other homes. And, it's ok to have a little fun with it! In our Staging Dallas projects, we like to add color to brighten up each listing. Here are some specific pieces and places to make your listing pop!

The Living Room

In staging the living room, you want to avoid anything that could be seen as a distraction, and use pieces that enhance. In this living room project below, we staged with bright yellow statement chairs on both sides of the space, yellow pillows, and artwork with yellow and blue accents to go with the furniture. Throw pillows are always an inexpensive and excellent opportunity to add color to the room, and always remember to use colorful yet tasteful artwork to tie the room together!

Photo by Stevi Cotton

Photo by Stevi Cotton

Enhance the unique features of the room by adding color to draw the eye to that feature. In this living room, we added pops of yellow to these gorgeous built-ins. The addition of the yellow lamps made the color coordination seamless, but subtle, and made the entire room come together.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

The Entryway

The first impression begins when potential homebuyers enter the home. Place colorful vases, plants, or art (or, all 3!) at the entryway of the home. We like to take it to the next level by incorporating the pop of color in the entryway throughout the home for a cohesive staging project.

Photo by Stevi Cotton

The Bedroom

If you walk into a staged bedroom and feel like you're walking into a hotel room, that's a staging job well done. As you can see in this photo below from a Staging Dallas project, we used mostly neutral colors, greys, stone, and white (think: peaceful getaway!), but by adding a colorful and simple, single throw pillow and throw blanket, the room becomes much brighter and more interesting.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Does your home need a little something more in terms of color? Chat with us for a consultation to talk about how to make your listing pop. Contact Staging Dallas today!


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