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Listing Lightbulb Moments!

Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of the home selling process for showing homes, listing photography, and home staging, to name a few. A simple item to think about, yes, but it's not always top of mind when you have so many other things to worry about (I.e. the aforementioned showing homes, listing photography, and home staging...). However, that is great news - it is simple!

Here's an easy three-step process of what you can do for optimal home listing lighting, put together by Staging Dallas.

Every lamp counts!

Staged by Staging Dallas

Photo by Lance Selgo / Unique Exposure Photography

Step 1: Take Notice of Your Light Bulbs

Take a walk-through of your home, and make notes of the color and type of each and every bulb. Is it more of a cool color, or more of a warm hue? If it gives off more of a blue tone, it's cool. If it's more of a yellowish tone, it's warm (see example below). You might find you have a mix-match of them, and if you do, it's time for step two.

Photo credit: CNET

Step 2: Keep it Consistent

Now it's time to make a decision, are you going to go with cool or warm lightbulbs? This is a personal preference and ultimately up to you, but here at Staging Dallas, we prefer warm lighting! Why? It's inviting and classic. You may prefer cool, but in the end, it doesn't matter -- the only thing that does matter is that all of your lighting fixtures have the same type of bulb.

Step 3: Let Natural Light In, Too

Now that you have all of the artificial lights covered, don't forget about using natural light as well to highlight the sparkling and stunning features of your home. It's ok to remove all window treatments to maximize the light coming into each room. Natural light combined with artificial light makes for amazing staged photos.

Having a lightbulb moment about your home listing after this discussion about lightbulbs? Contact Staging Dallas to assist in implementing this home tip, and learn about many more!


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