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In-the-Know for Out-of-the-Box Staging Touches

We've all been there -- you start shopping for something and eventually you have seen so many of that something that they start to all blur together and you can't remember which one you liked the most. It should be no surprise that it's common for house hunters to get to this point, too, where it becomes difficult to keep track of which houses are which. It will happen even more significantly as homes are primarily viewed online and going through photos is as quick as a mile a minute. A simple home staging can usually remedy this issue and create an emotional connection with the home. However, it can also be dependent on what you do with the home staging to make the house really stand out.

Here are a couple of ways we love to make our home staging projects in the Dallas area memorable.

Have a Sense of Humor

Getting someone to giggle is one of the best ways to establish a connection, thus making the home resonate in their memories. We often add little details that are cheeky without being too off the wall. For instance, adding a cute rubber ducky in the bathroom or placing a figurine in a fun position along with uncommon items on the shelf can go a long way!

Photo by Amanda, Unique Exposure Photography

Photo by Amanda, Unique Exposure Photography

Add a Human Touch

People are notoriously not great at envisioning themselves in empty spaces. Staging with furniture is a good way to provide a sense of scale, but it's the decor and details that ignite a sense of humanity and familiarity to make a significant difference. In the two projects below, we turned a shelf into a work-from-home site and a home bar (who couldn't use a drink after a long day of work, one step away?) and placed a popcorn bucket in the media room along with a box full of board games primed for a Friday night family movie or game night.

Photo by Unique Exposure Photography

Photo by Unique Exposure Photography

House hunters are human, after all, and humans gravitate towards the details that make them feel something -- whether it's humor or a memory they haven't yet created. Choose Staging Dallas and know that the details are covered. Contact us today for a consultation!


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