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Hitting a Brick Wall with Staging Brick Walls? Try These Tips

With all of the new construction homes popping up around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, it's a rare sight to see a home with interior brick walls. However, we love to see it! Brick walls add texture to a room, giving it that warm, unique character that makes home buyers fall in love.

As much as we love solid, exposed brick, there are some dos and don'ts in terms of home staging with them. You want them to add to a room, not take away from it or become the sole attraction. How do you highlight this feature? What should you avoid? We recently staged a home in Irving, Texas, and are going to walk you through what works with a brick wall.

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

This home in Irving was built in 1977, and the previous homeowners made some conscious and tasteful modern updates without taking away the original details. Because it was built in the 70s, there was a lot of brick and a lot of wood paneling - popular design decisions for that time.

It's tempting to paint over these older details, like wood paneling and brick, in order to modernize it. In this case, the homeowners did a great job of deciding what to paint and what not to paint. After all, once it's painted, it's near impossible to strip it to its original state.

In this first photo below, you can see the brick is untouched which gives the room some depth and contrast to the white walls and trim. The skylight flooding natural light keeps the wall from making the room feel dark and small. Make sure there's always ample light with a brick wall!

In this photo of the other angle of the living area, they did decide to go with painting the fireplace. Most fireplaces are made of some kind of stone, so it's not uncommon to see them painted to lighten up the room. In this case, an unpainted brick could make the home look dated. So if the brick is dating an area, go for the paint!

Art or no art? That is another question.

Hanging art on brick is no easy task. Does the area need a little color? Then don't be afraid to add art. We decided to add some decor to this bar area and loved the way it added some fun to this unusual space.

However, you don't always need art. In another area of the home, the brick wall adds texture and doesn't necessarily need anything else. It's beautiful bare!

All photos are by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography.

We hope this helps you with your exposed brick and that we're not just talking to a wall (wink, wink). Need help with your home? Contact Staging Dallas for a consultation today.


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