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Do You Need Home Staging in the Dallas Real Estate "Gold Rush"?

You've arrived at this blog post for one simple reason. You want to know if you really need to stage your home in this hot, hot Dallas real estate market. After all, with homes that are in multiple bidding wars and flying off the market, why put any effort into your existing home?

The fact of the matter is that homes are selling at record prices in record time. According to an article in the Dallas Business Journal, "DFW’s three-month moving average for Days on Market dropped from 102 days to less than 67 days in the last year. It’s a new record for the fastest sales pace of new homes since Dallas-based started reporting Days on Market data in 2017." That's incredible, and we can see why you would second guess home staging.

What you're wondering is, "Do I even need to do anything to sell my house?" Well, what demographic are you targeting? Just like any product, your home needs to be marketable. We'll show you why you still need home staging, even in a market as firey as this one. Sometimes just putting a sign in the yard isn't enough.

Imagine you're a homebuyer scrolling through a real estate website, searching for your next home.

You see this living room:

Photo from

And then you see this living room:

Staged by Staging Dallas

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Which would you be more inclined to either make an appointment to see, even if both were the same exact listing price?

Let's try it again with a bedroom.

You see this one:

Photo from

Then you see this one:

Staged by Staging Dallas

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Even if you have the best visualization in the entire world, and think you can "look past" the undesirable real estate photos, our guess is that you're going to go with the home that has the better staging, photography and lighting. Why? Because you're a human. No matter how on fire the Dallas real estate market it, market your home to the right people in the best way possible and go with home staging by Staging Dallas. Contact us today for a consultation.


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