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Better Your Real Estate Brand with Home Staging

You've likely heard a lot of talk about "branding" yourself in the last decade or so. As buzz-wordy as "branding" sounds, it's not something you should overlook. At its core, branding is all about your online reputation and how people view your business.

As a real estate agent, your job is already busy with answering phone calls at any time of day, writing listing descriptions, meeting with sellers, showing to buyers, and the list goes on. Your brand is encompassed within all of these micro-tasks with graphics, punctuality, credibility and the time on the market. Just as you use different tools to make more efficient use of your time, you can use a home staging professional, like Staging Dallas, to improve your brand without lifting a finger.

Staging by Staging Dallas. Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Faster Closings

Real estate agent recommendations by word of mouth are the most popular way of gaining new business. And what is a better selling point for a realtor than being able to say that the homes you list fly off of the market? The homes Staging Dallas has staged have averaged 75% less time on the market than similar homes that were not staged, and several have received offers at or above list price.

More Sales

When your listings sell more quickly, you can juggle more sales in a shorter amount of time. Homes staged by Staging Dallas spent, on average, 12 days on the market in 2020.

More $$$

Just as getting a listing off the market more quickly is a huge selling point for someone shopping for a real estate agent, so is making more money off of their home. But how can you prove that homes listed by you sell for more? Homes staged by Staging Dallas in 2020 sold for 99.2% of the asking price, on average.

Home staging gives you better branding by faster closings, more sales, and you'll be known around town for getting your clients more dollars in their pockets. Home staging helps clients see the house as more of a home and that makes it easier for them to picture themselves living there, which ultimately speeds up the process. If you're ready to see how home staging can enhance your business, reach out to Staging Dallas today.


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