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5 Reasons Your Home Seems Smaller Than It Is

We are in an era of people wanting as much space in their home as they can afford, perhaps in the preparation of, or post-trauma of, being stuck inside the home. Now more than ever before, homebuyers take special interest in square footage and consider how much time they will be able to spend in a room without feeling "cramped."

Your home may not be technically "small" but if your home has any of these details, it may give off the illusion that it is. By doing a few quick fixes along with home staging, your home will be a top seller in no time.

Dark Walls

Rooms with darker-colored walls tend to make a room feel smaller because of the lack of light reflection. Because dark colors absorb light, making the room appear to be closing in on your rather than opening up. At Staging Dallas we love a neutral light gray, white or taupe to allow natural light to effortlessly bounce off of the walls like the room below.

Home Staging by Staging Dallas. Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography


We aren't bashing the use of drapes, but they have to be used correctly. If drapes, like the ones below, pull your eyes in different directions, it doesn't help make the room feel any larger. By drawing the eye upward and exposing the beautiful view outside, you create the illusion of more headroom and airier spaces.

Before Staging Dallas removed the drapes:

After home staging:

Home Staging by Staging Dallas

Small Tile

When it comes to tile, especially bathroom tile, bigger is always better. Why? The appearance of clutter. Too small tiles packed too closely together can end up looking messy and thus making your space feel tinier.

Solid Doors

Open concept homes have been a popular layout for years because they don't block off spaces. We talk about why that's changing in another blog post, so if you do have solid doors as a barrier to each room, consider French doors instead. This gives the more spacious feel of an open concept but with a privacy bonus.

Popcorn ceilings

Ah, popcorn ceilings. They just seem to keep popping up, don't they? As long as houses built in the 70s, 80s, and 90s exist, we'll keep having to remove this pesky detail. But let's be clear, it is worth removing. The cobwebs they collect and the shadows they cast often make the ceiling feel much lower than it actually is. So grab that drywall knife and get to work!

We hope these small changes will make all the difference when listing your home. For more pro-tips and for a home staging consultation, contact Staging Dallas today.


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