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3 Reasons You Should Never Show an Empty House

The Dallas real estate market continues to be on fire, which begs the question: Is home staging really necessary? Maybe you're ready to move out of your home and you're contemplating showing your vacant home to avoid the hassle of it all. As tempting as that may be, that route could keep your home on the market much longer than it would be if it were furnished. Follow along as we present a few challenges with showing an empty home.

1. An empty room makes the mind wander

When house hunters enter a completely vacant property, there's a lot more room (so to speak) to have distracting thoughts about things other than the house. Why are the owners moving? Is it worth the price? Home staging not only allows the potential buyers to imagine themselves living there but keeps thoughts aligned about the home itself.

Which home would you rather view in person?

Before being staged by Staging Dallas

After being staged by Staging Dallas

2. The smallest of flaws are exposed

A nick in the floorboard, a scrape on the floor... these are things that should absolutely be disclosed once buying the home is serious, but if you're only showing a home for the first time, you don't want flaws to be the main focus. Rugs, couches, and art can temporarily hide minor flaws that could negatively influence the decision of the potential buyer.

3. Vacant homes do not photograph well

There's no arguing that scrolling through empty rooms online is anything but exciting. In addition to that, it's hard to gauge how large a room is and what its potential is if all you can see are the floor and walls. If you really want to captivate a buyer who's house hunting on the web - home stage every room and make sure the photo quality is top-notch!

Every home seller has plenty of decisions to make, but knowing what you're getting into before you list your home will mitigate several of these challenges. When you're ready, give Staging Dallas a buzz for a home staging consultation!


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