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2022 Design Trends & How to Use Them

We're knee-deep into 2022 which means there is no more predicting what people are looking for in designing or staging a home this year. The design trends are in full force! Staging Dallas is committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date trends, and in doing that, we're continually on the lookout for what's hot and what's not. Today, let's go over three 2022 design trends we're seeing and show you how we have incorporated them into our staging projects around the Dallas area.

Natural Wood (Still in!)

Staging by Staging Dallas / Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Using materials found in nature is not new, but has been more prevalent in more recent times. We're thankful that the natural wood trend is here for another year. Wood warms a home in a way that other elements can't, and because it's neutral, it can be designed alongside just about any material. You'll find many of our projects using natural wood dining tables, coffee tables, shelves, and even decorations.

Leather Furniture (It's back!)

Staging by Staging Dallas / Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Oh, leather. So controversial, yet so comfortable, and if we're being completely honest, functional, too. Once you break that baby in, ooooh who even cares what it looks like? Anyway, other couch materials have stood in the living room spotlight for a while (decades?). We're glad to see leather furniture and upholstery make a design return in 2022.

Bold Patterns and Colors (Goodbye all white!)

Staging by Staging Dallas / Photo by Shannon Burbage

We're so happy to see the trend of bold colors return to the home! After the last two rather dreary years, if you will, it's high time we express creativity through furniture, decor, and art. While white was a clean and put-together look, you have to agree using color is entirely more fun. For this home staging project, we played alongside the wall with a contrast of bright yellow to complement that blue. Don't be afraid to break out those brights!

How do you feel about these 2022 home design trends? Are you incorporating them into your home this year? If so, let us know! If you're searching for a top home staging professional to keep up with the trends so you don't have to, shoot Staging Dallas a line here.


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