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2021 Staging Dallas Statistics

Whether you can believe it or not, 2021 is coming to a close! And speaking of closing, we've seen many homes close on sales this year, with the help of our staging services. How did home staging by Staging Dallas affect home sales in this pandemic-era market? Did it make a difference? We have the newest Staging Dallas statistics and are excited to reveal them to you.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Vacant homes Staging Dallas staged in 2021 averaged:

  • $18,000 over the asking price

  • 8 days on market

Vacant home staging is for families that have moved out of the home completely and left the home empty. In this type of project, all furniture, decor, and artwork are brought in and placed from start to finish.

Hybrid stagings by Staging Dallas in 2021 averaged:

  • $28,500 over the asking price

  • 6 days on market

Hybrid home staging is for homeowners currently still living in the home with their belongings, but need an easy way to update without purchasing new things. We bring in the artwork, accessories, small pieces of furniture to fill in where needed.

Photo style and Consult projects by Staging Dallas in 2021 averaged:

  • $20,000 over the asking price

  • 3 days on market

Photo stylings and consultations are the most affordable of the staging options.. We'll do a walk-through of your home and provide a write-up of all of our recommendations and tips, which you can choose to implement or not, using all of your existing belongings. Or, in the case of a photostyling, we stage your home using what you have.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

If these statistics seem impressive, they are! For comparison, according to Roofstock, the average amount of days Dallas single-family homes sat on market is 32 days. So, it's no denying that home staged by Staging Dallas shaved off at least 3 weeks of time for sellers. And we all know time is money! Ready to utilize Staging Dallas' expertise while you save time and money? Contact us today!


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