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Home Staging in the Dallas Suburbs

Sure, Dallas is in our name but we don't exclusive stage Dallas proper. We stage many suburbs outside of Dallas, too! There's so much to love about the suburban home. An increasing amount of families are moving to the 'burbs since the pandemic as they want more rooms, larger spaces, outdoor areas and of course, a home office or two.

The thing about the suburban home, though, is most of the communities have similar home styles and it can be a challenge to stand out. This is where home staging can come in handy - the homebuyer can better remember your home over another in the same neighborhood. The good news is for us, with more rooms and bigger spaces mean more potential for home staging!

We recently staged this home in Flower Mound, Texas and are very happy with the end result. Check out how we made up this Dallas suburb home with home staging.

In a large bedroom, instead of filling it with chunky dressers we made use of the space with a bed and a sitting area. This way, the furniture reflects the size without becoming a distraction.

In a kitchen with monochromatic muted colors like this one, adding some green always helps liven it up and gives it a fresh look!

This living room had a gorgeous high ceiling, so adding height in the decor, like in this instance with the lamp, really shows the ceiling off. Is your suburban home a decade or older? Modernize it with subtle contemporary pieces, as with the coffee table below.

This home office was particularly impressive with the built-in shelves and the flood of natural light! In staging shelving units, we utilize every single space to highlight the potential. Work at home? No problem here!

Have a home in the suburbs you're looking to sell? Let us do all the heavy-lifting and get that home off the market faster than your neighbor can put a sign in the yard. Contact us today!

Photos by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

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