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Dining Chair Decisions

Shopping for a dining chair is like shopping for a rug - there are a ton of options, you have to have the exact right size to fit the room and they can be very expensive. When Staging Dallas takes on staging homes of all different shapes and sizes, with the owner's current furniture or not, the dining room can be a challenge. While the traditional fancy "dining room" is on the out, people are dressing up their everyday tables with new and unique chairs for an updated look. Let's talk about different ways to freshen up your dining room without buying a new table with examples from previous Staging Dallas projects.

Add a bench

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

As you know, depending on the brand of dining chair, it can get very expensive. If you find a chair you're absolutely in love with but you need more than four and it is adding up, try adding a bench. This is also a great option for large families with kids for additional seating. What we love about this look is that its modern but still maintains that rustic feel without being too minimalistic.

Add texture

Photo by Susan Lynch/Social Fish Media

For clean lines and to luxury without breaking the bank, find a dining chair that embodies both. We love these navy velvet chairs with shiny chrome accents. It's both comfortable and trendy, and can make a huge different in livening up your dining area.

Add color

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Who says that all of the chairs have to be the same color? No one, that's who! Go with bold end chairs to tie in art on the walls or other home accents. This is playful but sophisticated.

Don't add chairs

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

There's no rule about the number of chairs a dining table must seat. As you can see with the Staging Dallas project above, we probably could have squeezed in a couple of end chairs. However, given the size of the space this may be overwhelming and end up making the room look smaller. These mid-century chairs and table fit perfectly with four.

We hope this makes your search for the perfect dining chair a little easier. As always, Staging Dallas is here to help. If you need a consultation for a home you're about to sell or even one you're not planning on selling at all, contact us today!

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