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Owner Occupied? Let's Sell it Fast!

Moving homes takes an intense amount of coordination in terms of timing. In the best case scenario, you don't have to actually be living in your home when it goes on the market, that way, your schedule doesn't fall subject to home showings and potential buyers. But as we all know, life rarely goes to plan, and you may end up in a more complicated scenario where you need to live in your house while it goes on the market. Which, although not ideal, living in a home for sale can be made a lot easier by hiring a home staging expert like Staging Dallas.

Staging Dallas offers two types of home staging: Vacant Home Staging and Owner Occupied Home Staging. With Vacant Home Staging, we provide the furnishings, decor, beds, pillows, baskets, artwork - you name it. Owner Occupied Staging is a bit different where as clients are still residing in the home and (probably) don't want to pay to store all of their current furniture, but still need some help in making the home more marketable to the masses.

As we all humbly know, everyone has their own unique style that makes a house YOUR home. You absolutely need to buy what you love. However, when you're trying to sell your home quickly and efficiently, removing the personal details and making it more mainstream will allow it to sell a lot faster. Recently, we staged a home in Dallas with the challenge of using the owner's current home furnishings. It turned out incredibly - it was only on the market for two days and received four offers over asking price! Scroll through below to check out how we did it.

Both the dining table and the bold, red couch belonged to the homeowners. Using other pops of red through-out the house, Staging Dallas made this home more cohesive through-out. The built-in shelves you see in the living room are a fabulous addition to this modern and colorful home.

When you find yourself in between homes, not to worry! Staging Dallas can make your home sell quickly so you can move on to the next chapter. Contact us today to learn next steps on Home Staging in Dallas.

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