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The Best of Staging Dallas Bedrooms

Ah, the bedroom. Most people's little slice of heaven, paradise, a temporary getaway from the real world. People spend 1/3 of their life asleep, so it's possible that at least 1/3 of your life, if not more, is spent in your bedroom. What does this have to do with home staging? Well, it's important that when viewing a home, people can not only visualize themselves living there, but most importantly, sleeping and waking up there.

At Staging Dallas, we spend a lot of time staging bedrooms to perfection! And in this blog post, we're going to show you a few of our favorite staged bedroom projects.

The Bed & Breakfast

Photo by Lance Selgo, Unique Exposure Photography

Aside from the luxurious display of pillows you envision yourself jumping into after a long day of work, we love this project because of the subtle detail of the breakfast tray. This set-up immediately transports the potential homebuyer to a lazy Saturday morning, sleeping in and being treated to a lovely spread of pastries and coffee. We can smell it now...mmmm!

Contemporary Comfort

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

For the more modern family, this project hits a certain aesthetic of clean lines and fun patterns while still keeping the comfort that you need in a bed. The dark fabric bed frame on the light-colored wood floor is a perfect contract of color.

Hues of Blues

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

There's something about the color blue that puts people at ease. Perhaps it's the resemblance to the ocean or the sky that soothes the mind. Whatever it is, blue works! In this particular project, we used several different shades of blue to tie the chairs in with rug, the art and the throw pillows.

We'll highlight more room-specific projects in the coming weeks. And remember, when you use home staging with Staging Dallas, you can rest assured that your home will sell in no time! Contact us for a consultation today.

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