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Home Staging Dallas: Before & After

Most of the time after a home is staged, it's easy to forget what it looked like before as an empty house. After all, lived-in homes spend more of their "life" with furniture than without. No wonder it is easier to fall head-over-heels with a professionally staged home! Homes with furniture just look more normal to us. This week, we're showing you some amazing before and after home staging transformations by Staging Dallas.

If you're not on board with home staging now, you certainly will be after this blog post.


The incredible thing about staging a bedroom is that it often looks larger with furniture than without furniture. Why is that? People are inherently bad at visualizing spaces, depths and sizes of objects. You can see with the photo above that the empty room doesn't look like it can comfortably house a chair, 3 end tables, full/queen size bed and artwork. But alas, home staging proves it can!

Living Room

This staged living room is a great example of the power of home staging for one main reason - you can actually imagine yourself sitting and enjoying this living room. In the before (empty) photo, the room looks cold, the mount where the TV should be is unsightly, and overall the dark wood with the dark cabinetry makes the space appear smaller than it really is. With the addition of the light-colored couch, TV, lamp, greenery and coffee table, this room is significantly more approachable - a place you could call home.

Dining Room

Dining rooms get a bad reputation. The designated "dining room" is often used by the typical American family as so much more than a place to dine. It can be a homework area, a make-shift office, a place for crafts, and more. That's why, when the dining area is made vacant, it can be overwhelming to see an empty space and picture what that room will be used for. Will it be a cluttered play area? A messy home office? With the assistance of home staging, the dining area is revered into exactly what it is meant to be.

Don't let your home go another day on the market without professional, high-quality home staging. Contact Staging Dallas today for a consultation!

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