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Window Treatments (or not) in Dallas Home Staging

Everyone loves natural light. It's why homes that take in more natural light tend to sell more quickly, and why most home stagings are during the day.

As a professional home stager, seeing a home with current furnishings can be just as challenging as starting with a blank canvas, or blank space, if you will. It's more about seeing the potential of the home and viewing it from a home buyer's point of view.

Take the below 'before' home, for instance. It was a luxury home in Heath, Texas, and when we first saw this home, it was really hard to unsee the very elaborate furnishings and decor that essentially take over the home. The heavy furnishings, ornate curtains and bold rug control the way that light enters and bounces off of the room.

One huge part of the home staging that made a significant difference, aside from updating the furniture and decor, was removing the window treatments. Take a look at the 'after.'

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Where red and gold once dominated the room, now light streams through unbound. This already large room is made even larger, and even made the floors appear to be a bit lighter than before. Plus, home buyers were able to focus more on the room than the window treatments.

You can also see a similar effect in the exact same house, but in the breakfast area, below. The light in the area was restricted with the window treatments.

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

See a few other projects below where Staging Dallas also removed window treatments to let natural light take over.

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Now, this isn't to say that we don't always forego the rod and curtain. There are some projects where minimal treatments are used. However, for the most part, it's best to let all of the light in! Light transform rooms in a positive way and allows the potential home buyer to really see the best of the house.

Interested in learning more about our techniques? Contact Staging Dallas today!

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