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Summertime Staging

Hello summer in Dallas, Texas! It’s not only a hot season for Dallasites, it’s a hot market. And it’s not cooling down anytime soon. This is why it’s important to plan to sell your home accordingly.

Dallas is one of the hottest markets in Texas, and so the “peak buying and selling seasons” we’re used to in normal markets don’t really apply. Thousands of people are moving to Dallas, not many are leaving, and it’s causing a huge shift in the price point.

What are the stats, you ask? How do we know it’s a hot market?

According to the Market Snapshot from Ebby Halliday Realtors, the average list price for a home in the Dallas area in June was $393,692 in June. That’s up 4.3% from last month. The average actual selling price for homes in the Dallas area was only $330,859 in June. So what does that mean to you as a home seller? People are listing their price, on average, $62,833 MORE than what they’re selling them for.

Do you see a problem there? Yes. People are not getting what they feel their homes are worth. That’s thousands of dollars, gone. But that’s not the only issue – over 16,500 homes went on the market in June, up 3.1% from May.

So, more homes on the market, higher listing price, lower selling price. What can you do to beat the odds? You probably know where this is going – and we’re going to say home staging.

Although we have no data about how many of these homes were staged, we can confidently say that homes staged Staging Dallas sold an average of 100.5% of the asking price in 2018, which is much better than the stats of the average Dallas market asking and selling price.

Ready to beat the heat, so to speak? Contact Staging Dallas today!

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