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Your “First Showing” is Online – Make it Count

Back in the day, real estate agents were the gatekeeper to home buying. They would be the first contact to find the home that was for sale, and the first to show you the home. These days, you can easily find and view homes online, which is a huge game changer. Without even leaving your couch, you decide whether or not a home is for you based solely on the photos.

Now, we’ve discussed the importance of real estate photos on the blog before. The right photographer is important. The correct lighting is important. And, of course, one of the most important aspects is to stage the home but not to over stage the home.

What is “over staging”?

Over staging is when the house is staged so much that it doesn’t look realistic to the potential homebuyer. The purpose of home staging is simple – so that the homebuyer can envision themselves living there. If it looks too much like a magazine, the connection between the buyer and the home is dissolved. You want them to be able to see themselves sitting on that living room couch, reading a book or watching the television!

This home looks approachable and is appropriately staged.

Let Staging Dallas help you stage your home to perfection, but not too perfect! We’ll make the homebuyers feel that your home could be theirs. Contact Staging Dallas today!

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