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The Unsung Hero: Lamps

Previously, we have discussed the importance of home lighting for both real estate photos online and in person viewing. Of course, it’s crucial not to block natural light by heavy drapery, highlight can lighting or other types of favorable lighting, etc. But there is also another element to home staging that often is an afterthought, although without it, rooms would be lackluster.

– Brick (Steve Carrell) in Anchorman

Lamps, originally invented to provide light prior to the invention of electricity, go back centuries. Artificial lighting has been a practical solution since Neanderthals. But today, lamps take on a whole new role as they’re much more than for only practical reasons. Lamps are truly a powerful tool when decorating a room.

Lamps add versatility and dimension.

One of our favorite things about lamps is that they can go in virtually any room in the house! Is that table looking a little bare? Add a lamp. Need to fill a spot on a kitchen countertop? Add a lamp. Lamps have that certain je ne sais quoi.

Take these various entry tables staged by Staging Dallas below. The lamps will not only provide warm light in the evenings and early mornings, but also add that pop of color and multi-dimension that these spaces need.

Lamps add…. Light

All other reasons aside, lamps contribute to the comfortability and coziness in a home. Unlike harsh overhead lighting that a lot of us have in our homes, lamps cast a flattering glow and give rooms depth.

So, don’t be ambivalent to ambiance. Use lamps! Contact Staging Dallas today to get a consultation.

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