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How to Find the Right Home Staging Professional in Dallas

It can be very overwhelming to search for the right home staging expert. You type "Home Staging in Dallas" into the Google search bar only to find dozens of results in this booming metroplex. In fact, Google is how you may have landed on this page! Don't just hire any home stager. Make sure you're hiring one with the following capabilities to be set up for success.

Inventory: Have the Right Tools

There's not a standard procedure that home stagers stage a home. Some may rent furniture, others may only have the ability to stage what you have currently. Staging Dallas takes a different approach - we maintain a large, rotating inventory of furniture, decor and artwork to stage your home. Our personal inventory is always rotating to keep the homes we stage fresh and on trend. Because we own all of our pieces, there isn't a time limit or restraint on how much or how long pieces can remain. Although we've found, the homes we stage sell quickly!

Notice below how we use the same inventory to create two different looks for two different homes.

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Tailored Staging: The Best Approach for You

We've talked about the various type of staging services that we offer in a previous post. A great home staging professional will not require you to completely stage the home, as this does not work for everyone and can be very costly. Instead, we offer everything from a consultation to partial or full stagings and everything in between.

The Right Credentials

Anyone can call themselves a "home staging expert," right? Sure they can, just like any other profession! Make sure they have the certifications and accreditation to back up their expertise. Staging Dallas has our Staging Certification from the Interior Redesign and Staging Institute (IRIS), and stays current on home trends by attending the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) National Convention regularly.

Experience: Track Record of Success

There are some things you can only learn with time, and this is why it's important to look for an experienced, seasoned professional. Amy Fedosky of Staging Dallas has been in the home staging business since 2012. In the beginning, the company was called "New Again Interiors" but has since narrowed our focus to specialize exclusively in helping homeowners sell their home for top dollar with staging services.

We hope these traits help you find the right home staging professional for you, and if Staging Dallas is that professional, please feel free to shoot us an email today to get started!

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