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Before & After Dallas Home Staging

You may think that taking all of your current furnishings out of the house will give the potential buyer the ability to visualize the home as their own. Maybe your furniture is a little outdated or niche, or maybe you need to move quickly leaving the house empty. Thinking that home buyers will take well to a vacant home is a huge misconception when putting a house up for sale.

The human mind is an interesting thing. People are not inherently great at really taking in exactly how much space an area is when empty. Showing a vacant home leads to homebuyers more or less wandering around, trying their best to understand exactly how much furniture will be able to occupy the space, but still leaving with uncertainty.

Additionally, an empty house sends a subconscious message to buyers that the house is in desperate need to be sold and that they can get a better deal on the home since no one is currently occupying the home. No one has to know the home is staged - for all they know, you could be living there as we speak!

Staging is fantastic for a lot of reasons we highlight on other of our blog posts, but in this case, making a home go from completely unlivable to cozy and full of life will change the perception of a home in a way that even the best marketing could not do.

See the above and below images of a professionally shot Staging Dallas before and after from Spot on Images DFW. If you only were seeing the photos of the vacant home, it would be near impossible, especially online, to understand what the home could look like.

The furniture and decor by Staging Dallas gives this Dallas area home life and allows homebuyers to view it in a new light (especially with the added lamps!).

Ready to give your home the staging it deserves? Contact Staging Dallas today and let us stage your vacant home!

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