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Dallas Home Staging in No Time

A lot of great professional activities require a lengthy amount of time to complete successfully. Home Staging is not one of them. It might be overwhelming and sound time consuming when your realtor suggests having your home staged. This is because you may associate it with moving (a multi-day battle) or the dreaded annual spring cleaning (where did all of this stuff come from?). The reality of it is, it's not like moving or cleaning, and doesn't take near as long as you think!

Check out these testimonials from some of Staging Dallas' fantastic (and happy) customers.

"Our agent brought Staging Dallas in to do a photo styling of our home to prepare it for sale. After spending just 3 hours in our home, rearranging our furniture, and making simple suggestions for updates, we were photo ready!"

"Amy Fedosky staged our 3700 ft.² home in about three hours. As a result, we received an offer well above asking price in only three days. The deal recently closed. She was professional and delightful, very skilled."

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Three hours. Three hours is all you need to change the way potential buyers view your home, making all the difference. Our efficient and professional process is a work of art, but not one that takes days on end.

Every type of home staging (consultation, partial, owner-occupied or full) requires a different amount of time. With Staging Dallas' vast inventory of furniture, decor and more, you don't need to buy anything - including more time.

We come in and out in just a few hours, which puts the photos online faster and the potential buyers in your door more quickly! Trust a pro - trust Staging Dallas. Contact us today!

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