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Home Staging Myths: Busted by SD

Like all services that seem too good to be true, there are always a few falsities floating around. Whether you’re just finding out about what home staging is, or have known about it for a while, you may hear these myths when selling your home. Staging Dallas is here to bust a few common myths!

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

“Having your home staged is expensive.”

We’re starting with this myth because it is the most commonly heard one of them all. Home staging costs start at around $200 and depending on the number of rooms, square footage, having your own furniture or not, can go up from there. However, we like to think of home staging is more of an investment. Homes that have been staged have been statistically proven to sell over list price.

“Home staging is only for vacant homes.”

Home staging is not only for vacant homes at all. At Staging Dallas we offer not only full home staging, but also consultations, partial and owner-occupied staging. Never think that just because you are still living in your home, doesn’t mean you can’t have your home staged!

“Anyone can become a home stager.”

Similar to any professional service, Amy of Staging Dallas has worked hard to claim the title of “Home Stager” or “Home Staging Expert.” She has earned her Staging Certification from the Interior Redesign and Staging Institute (IRIS), and stays current on home trends by attending the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) National Convention regularly.

“Staging is for covering up things you don’t want the buyer to notice.”

The purpose of home staging is not to “trick” or “mask” anyone or anything about the home. Our favorite benefit of home staging is that it doesn’t cover up faults, but really highlights what is so great about the house whether it be the beautiful fireplace, the oasis-like backyard, the recently updated kitchen, etc. Simply by adding furniture or rearranging it in a more pleasing way can very much transform how the buyer experiences the home.

We hope this post cleared up any confusion regarding home staging and the myths that surround the art of staging! Ready to sell your home? Contact Staging Dallas today!

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