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How to be Shelf-ish in Home Staging

Built-ins, freestanding, hung on a wall, we all have them: Shelves. As much as they stand for practicality, they can be beautiful. But sometimes, the beauty needs to be “uncovered” if you will… and its hard to know where to start - especially if you’re trying to set the shelves up for success in a home staging.

So what is “shelf success?” Shelves should never be the focal point of the room. They should contribute to the overall atmosphere, but if someone walks in the room and the shelves are the first thing they notice, it’s not a good thing.

Staging by Spot on Images DFW

Clear it off

You may think you can get away with rearranging things here and there, but to get a full idea of how the shelf needs to look, you need to take it all off.

Clean it off

After the shelves are completely cleared, be sure to clean thoroughly. If there are knicks or chips, repair accordingly.

Pack it away

Paperback books, small knick-knacks, collectibles… these can all be packed away or put up. Hardback books, visually appealing décor can all stay.

Photo by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

After you’ve taken those steps, you can now assess what the room’s theme is and what needs to go back on the shelves. Keep in mind you’re selling the shelves and not the stuff. Get creative and be sure to leave room on the shelves to show their potential. Use different types of textures and shapes, and even add some seasonal pieces. Avoid placing anything smaller than a softball!

You may have to rearrange and try different placements before you find the perfect combination. Still unsure of what to do about your shelving? Call Staging Dallas today!

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