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What Kind of Home Staging is Right For You?

Are you selling your house while still living there? Did you just make an offer on another house and need to move out ASAP? Do you need a little bit of décor update, but unable to gather the collateral to do so? Maybe you don't need the full service staging, but need a step in the right direction? There is a home staging that will work for you – you just need to figure out which is the one.

For those who just moved out: Vacant Home Staging

In this type of staging, we’re going to be working with a completely bare house. This means you’ve had to move out before your home was sold and taken everything with you – furniture, wall hangings, appliances, etc. Why stage a vacant home? Because 85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes according to a 2018 survey. Staging Dallas brings in all of our furniture, rugs, artwork and more, making your home the home that future home buyers have been dreaming of.

Photography by Spot On Images DFW

For those that haven’t moved out: Owner Occupied Staging

Living in your home during showings can be tough. Everything has to be picture perfect, smell nice, look nice all the while trying to hide the fact that it is being lived in! The great thing about staging a home that is owner-occupied, is that the home will spend less time on the market. In fact, homes staged by Staging Dallas spent an average of only 9 days on the market. We use your things along with some of our inventory and do all of the heavy lifting.

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

For those who haven’t moved out and want to do all of the heavy lifting: Home Staging Consultations

Maybe you have the time or drive to do the actual home staging yourself, but you want some professional advice. We offer tailored consultations and advice for people in this position. We suggest new wall colors, show you how to declutter and more in a written report that directs you how to prepare you home to sell.

See the difference in this before and after owner-occupied home staging?



Photography by Shoot 2 Sell

Check out projects of all of these types of home stating on our Houzz page! When you’re ready, call Staging Dallas today to set up an appointment to chat.

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