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Re: Move

Staging a home often means adding items to the home to enhance its appearance. You add art to the walls, furniture, rugs, lighting, etc. However, this likely applies to a vacant home staging, and if you’re staging a home that is owner occupied, the staging often involves a lot of removal. So, regarding your next move, here is a quick checklist to prep for your home staging with Staging Dallas!

What to remove in each space:

  • Front/back yard: Yard art, toys, miscellaneous items and weeds

  • Entryway: Personal items, any unpleasant odors, family photos

  • Kitchen: Clutter, personal items, odors, countertop appliances, and be sure to organize the pantry and drawers (yes, even that “junk drawer!”)

  • Bathrooms: Bad odors, mold, bath mats, personal items, trash cans, scales

  • Living Room: Personal items, excessive throw pillows, family photos

  • Bedrooms: Clutter, personal items, photos

  • Office: Excessive personal items (awards, books, diplomas), trinkets

  • Closets: Anything you won’t be wearing in the next 3 months, boxes

  • Garage: Make sure it doesn’t look like a storage area (even though we are all a little guilty of that)

Tasteful and interesting knick-knacks fill the shelves of this staged home office.

(Photography by Spot On Images DFW)

Across the board, it’s a good idea to always have a person that doesn’t live in your home let you know how your home smells to visitors. You may be used to the smell of your home and not realize it. Make sure you remove the smell of pets, a certain type of food, or mildew.

We say it often, but the easier you make it for someone to visualize themselves living in the home and not you, the quicker the decision will be made on their end! The more you remove, the closer to THE move. Contact Staging Dallas today to set up a consultation! We’d love to help you out.

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