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How to Get People to Pay More, For Less

Through experience and testimonials, Staging Dallas has proved time and time again that staging simply works. Staging helps sell your home in a shorter amount of time, for more money. However, it’s not just ‘home’ staging that works. Staging has a strong influence over people, even when they don’t realize it.

Ever heard of a shoe designer called “Bruno Palessi”? Probably not… because he does not actually exist. For less than a week, Payless ShoeSource, which has been forced to close hundreds over stores of the last couple of years, rented a former Giorgio Armani store in a high-end area, rebranded to “Palessi” and hosted an invite-only influencer party for the biggest fashionistas in the LA area.

With regular Payless brand shoes white-labeled with “Palessi” lining the seemingly high-end store’s glass shelves, the private launch party attendees shopped and even raved about the shoes.

“You can tell these are well made,” One shopper said while examining a pair of ‘leather’ heeled-boots.

“I’d easily pay $300 for pumps like this,” another shopper declared.

As pairs after pairs of shoes were purchased totaling more than $500 each transaction, little did they know that the shoes in their possession were $20, $30, $40 shoes. What does this tell us? It’s all about the presentation.

“The way that we evaluate things is through associations. If you put wine in a nice bottle, people like it more. If you package things up to look more premium, people will like it more,” Phillip Graves, a consumer behavior consultant from Britain, said.

This is precisely why home staging works. Home staging is all about associations and perceptions, and it’s natural human behavior to pay more of a premium for something that is considered more high-end. Contact Staging Dallas today to change the view of your home to future homebuyers, and upgrade your home from a Payless to a Palessi.

Real the full story on the Palessi prank here from the Washington Post.

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