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It's All in the Reviews

Everyone these days carefully looks to reviews to make a more educated decision about a product or service they are about to invest in. Home Staging is no different. Potential clients of Staging Dallas are likely scouring Google for ‘home staging services in Dallas’ or ‘best home staging in Dallas’. In fact, you may have found our page by using these exact same search terms (in that case, welcome!). Unlike a lot of services, though, Staging Dallas is proud to have maintained an average of 5-stars on our Houzz page reviews.

So, what are people saying? Here are some excerpts of our favorite testimonials, and how they show you what an impact home staging can have on your home sale.

best home staging in dallas

Increased Showings

“What a difference! The showings have not only increased, but the feedback is very complimentary, i.e. "love the home", "shows well", etc. Amy did a great job - and so did Lance!”


Faster Sale

“When it became necessary to sell her home, Amy stepped in and did a fantastic job de-cluttering, including moving a bunch of stuff to garage as well as staging in a way that was so attractive house sold in TWO days!”


“We landed an offer within less than 24 hrs of listing after Staging Dallas gotten the home staged & ready to be put on the market.”

-P Lembe

More Offers

“Altogether, we had 44 showings in four days, and that doesn't include the open house that we had! Ultimately, there were 14 offers on our home, most of them substantially higher than the asking price. Much of this interest must be credited to Amy at Staging Dallas.”


High ROI

“My listing had about 20 showings in 24 hours. We received multiple offers of several thousand above asking price. The return on our staging investment was high. Amy's staging was such a great value to both myself and the homeowner.”

-V Raman

“We were under contract for $20,000 over asking price in just 1 day! The return on investment was huge. “


There’s no need to continue searching and reading reviews. Staging Dallas has the reviews that prove, time and time again, that we can sell your house more quickly, for more money, and who wouldn’t want that? Contact Staging Dallas today to get your Dallas home for sale off of the market. Read all of our reviews here!

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