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3 Home Upgrades Worth Investing In

Homes can last a lifetime but interior design is constantly evolving. A lot of the time it’s very easy to tell when a house was built just by the flooring! Even if your home was built 10 years ago, there are probably some things you could update to wow homebuyers during the showing. Here are our 3 favorite home upgrades that will yield a high ROI!

1. Fixtures

The thing we love most about fixture updates is that they’re never the focal point of the home, but they add that subtle touch that makes the home go from “okay” to “wow!” without breaking the bank. Fixtures can be as small and affordable as handles and knobs on cabinetry, too. Replacing the kitchen cabinet fixtures can update your kitchen by decades! Light fixtures, although a little pricier, can bring home up to 200% ROI.

Notice what a difference the light fixtures made in these rooms by Staging Dallas.

2. Landscaping

The front yard is the very first impression, and if you’ve been neglecting those trees or bushes, it may be time to trim up. Hiring a landscaping company to come out and spruce up your lawn will not only add curb appeal, but can yield an ROI up to 175%. Plus, if the front yard looks well taken care of, they will know the home is well taken care of, too!

3. Appliances

This is a big one – but it really can take your home to the next level. There are new appliances coming out every year, so you don’t have to necessarily buy the latest and greatest, but even just replacing the… "well-loved" stove will make your home stand out among home buyers and create more appeal.

Stainless steel appliances always add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen.

Ready to sell your home? Invest in one, two or all three of these upgrades and you’re sure to get more for your home. These upgrades, combined with home staging, give you the best chances of getting your home off the market incredibly fast! Contact Staging Dallas today.

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