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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Rug for Home Staging

Shopping for a rug can turn into what feels like a full time job. What color do you go with? How large? Pattern or no pattern? Making these decisions all the while keeping budget in mind is overwhelming! We’ve all been there. Now with online shopping, it can get even trickier. This is why when you get ready to stage your home to sell, using these guidelines along with my staging consultations will be a saving grace.

1. Use rugs in areas that need defining

For example, in an open concept situation that we see a lot these days, you could virtually put a ‘living area’ anywhere, and a rug can help decipher where it should go!

2. Let it bring the room together

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Use a rug to bring all of the elements in the same space come together seamlessly. This set up above in one of our home stagings shows how the gray in the carpet reflects the furniture.

3. Make it pop

Photography by Cagle Artistic Photography

No one said you have to be subtle when choosing a rug! We had some fun with this room in highlighting the contemporary art in the space with a bold and fun rug.

4. Size Matters

Unless the rug is literally covering all of the floor space, you can’t go wrong with going big. If you need more of a scientific approach, according to, “When you buy a room size rug, subtract 3 feet from the length and width of the room. Leaving the floor bare at the edges makes the room look a little larger. When laying a rug under your dining table, leave at least 24" of the rug from the edge of the table out on all sides.”

5. Shape up

You might think “rectangle” when envisioning a rug. Don’t forget that rugs come in other shapes, too! The trick with rugs is to emulate the furniture above it. Circular rugs look fantastic under circular furniture like a dining table, entry table or even if you have a round coffee table!

Once you choose your ideal rug, call Staging Dallas to take the next step in prepping your home to sell in Dallas! Our home staging consultations have been proven to get you off the market and out of your home in record time.

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