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Better, Faster, Brighter: Home Staging Lighting

A few weeks back we posted about the importance of having quality photos online when selling your home. How do you make sure they’re the best possible version? Aside from hiring a professional photographer, you have to make sure the lighting is right for those listing photos.

40% of buyers were more willing to walk through a home they saw online when it was staged.” – The National Association of Realtors

First, lets take a look at few listing photos (not from Staging Dallas).

No one wants to walk into a dimly lit home. It’s not very welcoming and can feel a bit suffocating. In order to give the impression of a bright, inviting home, make sure the lighting is just right.


You’ll notice that even though it’s daytime when these photos were taken, the lamps are on. This creates a sort of light layering that can guide your future homebuyers eyes to specific areas.

Photography by Lance Selgo

Overhead Lighting

These lights turned on in the home photos showcases the lighting system in the home and gives off of a homey, warm vibe. It gives the cabinetry more definition and even adds a little sparkle to the countertops.

Photography by Lance Selgo

Natural Light

In a perfect world, every room would have a window. There’s nothing quite light natural sunlight streaming through the home! Window blinds and curtains should always, always be open in home photos. Make sure the photo shoot is during the brightest part of the day, and try to avoid days that are overcast and cloudy.

Photography by Lance Selgo

In addition to using these techniques, Staging Dallas always uses elements that can enhance the brightness of the room. Neutral, light paint colors, lightly colored furniture, and décor that provide a subtle contrast, like above, with the light blue accents.

Need to brighten up your listing photos? Contact Staging Dallas and we’ll set up your home for a successful online presence that will increase home showings.

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