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The Making of Mid-Century Modern

You don’t have to watch a lot of HGTV to realize how popular Mid-Century Modern design is. It’s everywhere! From homes to hotels to restaurants, it’s not hard to come across a hairpin leg table or a chair with a traditional material in an untraditional, geometric shape.

When decorating a home, however, it can be easy to go overboard. Mid-Century Modern style allows no room for clutter and very few knick-knacks, so this can be challenging.

Recently, Staging Dallas was offered the chance to stage a home that had been on the market for 70 days, unstaged.

Pattern + Texture

Photo by Lance Selgo

Chairs and couches are probably the most simple way to incorporate this Mid-Century Modern characteristic. As you can see above, the chair has this gorgeous shade of beige with a texture visible enough to see across the room. We highlighted both the chair and couch with this vintage-inspired, color coordinating throw pillow for that final touch.

Clean Lines

Photo by Lance Selgo

Prior to the emergence of Mid-Century Modern in the 60s and 70s (pre-WWII), there was a huge emphasis on more ornate furniture, heavy with elaborate details. At the end of WWII when Mid-Century Modern surged through-out the United States, design became all about lines, angles, and shapes. Like the country, this was a more straight-forward and simple approach to life unlike previous war-ridden years.

Bold Accents

Photo by Lance Selgo

Last post we talked a lot about neutral colors. Neutral colors are still important in a modern home, but their equally as important as bold accents. Here we have more muted grays and beiges through out the space for a more natural, organic look, but the pop of color in the chairs gives it that Mid-Century look we were going for.

Looking to sell your home faster and make more money? Let Staging Dallas help you! We specialize any any time of décor from traditional to of course, Mid Century Modern and prime your home to sell fast. Contact us today.

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