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A Picture is Worth More Than 1000 Words

Do you remember life before the Internet? It’s hard to believe how many daily tasks we do today were performed pre-Internet…the time they took! Tons of mundane tasks like paying bills, going to the grocery store, and even choosing a babysitter would require hours of attention. Those tasks are now all being done online and can be completed in a matter of seconds with a touch of your finger. There is one (once) time-consuming chore that has been streamlined because of the Internet, and that has changed everything - home buying and selling.

Before the creation (and overtaking) of the World Wide Web, people maybe heard about a listing by their trusted realtor or happen to drive by a home for sale in the neighborhood they liked. After scheduling an appointment, the only thing the seller had to do was make sure the carpet was vacuumed, the dog was out of the house and the laundry was put up.

Then, the Internet happened.

Websites now allow us to virtually circle the area we want to live in (no driving required) simply click a home we find appealing and then scroll through dozens of interior photos (no walk-throughs required) before making a snap judgment on whether or not we can see ourselves living there.

Now more than ever before, sellers need to capture that clicking, scrolling, judging home buyer before the click away and never come back. Which yes, does take more effort. This is where home staging comes in.

Which home would you click on to see more?

Unstaged Living Room - Photo from

Staged by Staging Dallas - Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Whether buyers realize it or not, (read more about that here) they’re attracted to homes they can visualize themselves in, and home staging can do that through photos!

Not only can it make them more likely to choose to make an appointment to see your home, it can also result in a larger ROI, but that will be a topic for another day. So, a staged home picture is worth more than a 1000 words – it’s worth your time, your money and it will help you sell your home more quickly.

Get your home off of the market and use Staging Dallas to make those online real estate listing picture perfect. Contact us for your Dallas home staging needs!

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