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Professional Home Staging vs. Interior Design: What’s the Difference?

It would be a common mistake to think that the services that Staging Dallas provides is aligned with the services that of an interior designer/decorator. Both have to do with using décor and design to create a sense of place, both work inside of your home. However, there is one critical difference that sets these services apart – professional home staging creates mass appeal, while interior design is specific to your preferences.

Staging Dallas uses a very well thought-out strategy to appeal to the majority of those that are looking for a home. The main goal of Home Staging is to get a larger return on investment and more money in your pocket. We do this by:

  • Removing, depersonalizing the interior of your home

  • Updating furniture

  • Using neutral color palates

  • Providing inoffensive and aesthetically pleasing artwork

  • Create a welcoming environment for the potential home buyer

Photography by Lance Selgo/Unique Exposure Photography

Above is a recent Dallas home staging by Staging Dallas. By using neutral colors, pleasing artwork and tastefully placed décor, the room pulls several aspects together to appear inviting while attracting a wider audience.

Alternatively, the goal of interior designers/decorators are to make your current living situation more pleasing to you. They do this by:

  • Personalizing your space

  • Taking owner’s opinions into consideration

  • Using bold, eclectic or family-oriented artwork

  • Highlighting family heirlooms or sentimental décor

While you do probably have a fabulous taste in décor and know how to arrange furniture, it’s always a good idea to get a third party staging professional to help sell your home. Studies show that professionally-staged homes have a 9-10 percent increase in offers, and most always sell quicker, because they have mass appeal and simply put – buyers can see themselves living there (and not you!).

The more people that can visualize themselves living in your home will cause an increase in offers, which ultimately results in a higher bid. Let Staging Dallas revamp your interior to appeal to the masses and leave that home decorator for your next home! Fill out the contact form for more information on how to transform your home into the next best seller.

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